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If you like to take advantage of your weekends to go camping, you can make the most of your RV road trips by doing a few simple things to maximize your mini vacations. You’d be surprised at how much you can pack into two days!

Weekend Camping & RV Hints and Tips

If you’re renting an RV, camping for a short period is a mixed blessing; you won’t have the camper for long enough to take advantage of any discounts, but you also won’t be paying the per-day cost for many days either. And whether you’re renting or own your RV, you’ll benefit from not having to travel very far, so you’ll save fuel costs too.

Some RV rental dealers may offer weekend travel packages set up specifically for short trips, such as being already stocked up with soft furnishings and kitchenware, so you won’t have to worry about loading the RV before you set out.

If you own your RV, pack your equipment and supplies well in advance and make sure everything works! And fuel up in advance too so you can just hit the road when you ready.

Quick Trips

With just two or three days to spare, you’re going to want to spend as little time on the road as possible, so maximize your weekend by choosing a campsite close to where you live – two-to-four-hours away at the most. Once you get there, set up camp and don’t even think about hitting the road again until it’s time to head home.

One big mistake that’s made frequently is to try to do everything; you’ll never be able to accomplish this even if you stay for longer. Pick and choose the things that you find most attractive and important and make time for them. Don’t pack your schedule from dusk ’til dawn otherwise, you’ll just exhaust yourself and your family.

One great tip for weekend getaways is to plan your meals ahead of time. You can save time and money by cooking up some easy meals beforehand. You’ll gain time doing this and you can still hit those nice local restaurants too if you want to.

Great RV Getaways

The best RV road trip routes that are doable in a short period of time will depend on where you’re starting from. If you live in central British Columbia, a short trip to the Lower Mainland or Okanagan might make for a great getaway, or you could enjoy a weekend camped in one of the area’s many provincial parks, filled with forest trails and lakes.

One great way to figure out the best RV routes is to see how far you can travel in two to four hours from your home, then, look for campgrounds within that radius that offer activities and features you and your family are interested in.

Once you have your travel radius, you can find available campgrounds in the area. Here are a few posts that may help:

No matter where you choose to go on your weekend trip, you’ll soon discover it’s the company more so than the scenery that makes it worth the effort. Taking the time to shut down your laptop and put work away for a whole weekend is a rare gift these days, and camping makes it just a little bit more doable.

So don’t spend another weekend wasting away on the couch. Take advantage of the beautiful world that’s just outside your back door!

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